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Continuing Education

Emory encourages the pursuit of lifelong learning, and seeks to serve the community by providing a variety of continuing education programs.

Professional Advancement

Goizueta Business School

Evening MBA and Executive MBA degree programs for working professionals require admission. Emory Executive Education nondegree programs are designed to enhance working professionals' careers and contributions.

School of Medicine

Continuing Medical Education classes advance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Rollins School of Public Health

Continuing Professional Education courses sharpen the practicing professional's ability to identify, analyze, and intervene in health problems. The Executive Master of Public Health, which requires admission, is a web-based graduate program for working professionals. The Certificate in Public Health Informatics program is primarily designed for professionals with advanced training.

Candler School of Theology

Continuing education programs serve professionals and laity of all denominations.

Emory School of Law

The Juris Master degree program is designed for working professionals and requires admission.

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Teachers may take workshops and courses, including some for Professional Learning Unit credit, that are aligned with Georgia's Performance Standards.

Lifelong Learning

Emory Continuing Education

The nationally recognized Emory Continuing Education division offers noncredit, adult education certificate programs and classes for professional and personal development. Courses can also be tailored and delivered on-site to your organization.

Summer Programs

High School Students

Pre-College Program: Rising juniors and seniors may earn college credit in six-week undergraduate courses or enroll in two-week non-credit courses.

Youth Theological Initiative: Rising juniors and seniors may participate in a three-week experience in Christian theological education.

Arts and Athletics Camps

Emory Athletics: Emory coaches lead a variety of summer sports camps.

Camp Carlos: The Michael C. Carlos Museum offers an array of summer camp programs.

Student Activity & Academic Center (SAAC): Athletic camps are offered at Emory's Clairmont campus.

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