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Health & Safety

Staying Healthy

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Campus Health Resources

Emory provides extensive services to campus and community members through Emory Healthcare, the largest and most comprehensive health system in Georgia.

The university requires all students to have health insurance.

Exercise for Everybody

Students, alumni, faculty and staff may enjoy campus athletic facilities, programs and classes.

Staying Safe

safety officer

Campus Safety Resources

Emory maintains its own police department that manages law enforcement, fire safety and emergency medical services.

Emergency "blue light" phones located throughout campus link callers directly to the department in order to report emergencies and request security escorts.

We disclose our safety-related data annually in the Annual Security Report.

The Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response coordinates campus-wide activities related to unusual events. CEPAR uses website bulletins, cell phone text messages, emails and other means to notify community members about precautions and plans.

The Office of Student Conduct, part of the Division of Campus Life, enforces the Undergraduate Code of Conduct, which sets out behavioral expectations related to non-academic matters.

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